Friday, June 26, 2015

It appears the poisonous dwarf and mainstay in the PDC JobSquad has again changed his mind and not left the PDC.
He is included in the list of entries for the upcoming players events, which begs the question why.
He knows, like the rest of the world knows he is simply not good enough for the PDC.
Maybe he is afraid he will miss out on traveling to events with fellow scumbag cunt members of the job squad who are as equally inept as he is.

The bonus about the PDC is that you can earn more money in the PDC by winning just a couple of games, but therein lies the problem, Douglas is lucky to win a single game on the floor, let alone a couple anywhere near a tv.

The other option is to return to the BDO and join Hankey, Fordham, Wallace and the other cunts who could not cut it in the PDC, and play the shit holes of Europe in their quest for Lakeshite points as members of the "travel club"

At what point does a jobber realize he simply is shit, do they ever grasp it ?
When does a deluded idiotic grasp they simply are not good enough and would be better off fucking off and let the better players get on with their thing without them vlogging up events.

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  1. Hey I like your blog especially knob of the week lol

    Only problem is that the way you format your text, it all runs off the right hand side of the page so I have to keep scrolling back and forth to read it.

    Is there anything you could to to correct that?