Friday, June 12, 2015

BDO Mushroom Gimp fans were wanking themselves blind when the Spineless sack of shit hit a 9 darter on a toy blade 4 bull with its inflated segments that can be seen from outer space as they are so big is some piss soaked caravan park.
Coke dealing and rioting and theft was put on hold to celebrate, but alas the brief glimmer of joy that his pathetic sad fans enjoyed was soon extinguished when the bearded sack of shit went out to a kid , who is a youth jobber in the PDC.

The spineless fans suddenly went quiet and disappeared out the gap as fast as Sharon Adams disappeared out the gap with a cameraman and left the chicken shit horrible vile cunt to dwell on his pathetic life in his squat..

The joyless vacuum has even gimp mushroom fans of the bdo starting to despise him, and not surprising.
He might win a few more Mickey Mouse Lakeshites against pub players but history will remember him as a spineless coward, liar, cheater, back stabber and a bitter old man who will die alone and miserable.