Friday, June 5, 2015

This week the award goes to Richie Corner.
Here is a guy who must be a handy enough player, won a challenge tour event in the past, and last Saturday made a semi final in event #5, and made the final later in the day in event #6 winning  £1500 in total on the Saturday.
By Saturday night after 6 events played he stood top of the Challenge tour OoM with $3,850.
What does he do on Sunday ? he fucks off to play county darts...seriously does anyone even rate that shit these days.
All well and good for Lakeshite Jobber Chump Johnboy Walton, as he was doing fuckall in the PDC and no doubt went on a shopping spree with his 100 quid winnings.

This is not 1984, well it does seem that way in the BDO, but County Darts is absolute shit.
Last Sunday there was county games where there was 94 , 88 and 70 dart legs, players winning with 31 averages.

This shit does more damage to the game, and now they are streaming this shit.It beggars belief.
That county shit was outdated back in the last century, never mind this century.

Also a mention for Rod Harrington and some of his retarded comments on the darts tonight, he started his usual bullshit again with a statement claiming  players who were well behind in a leg will be hoping they dont get a 180 in case they waste them.
What a fucktard, its not like they are given an allowance  of maximums or quota that they must use up by a certain date, you would think a guy who played the game quite well, does so much behind the scenes would know better than come out with this bullshit.

Good to see the Black Hole of Entertainment Wes Newton go out tonight as well, hopefully that Thundercunt Huybrechts joins him tomorrow..
A good night for the European players tonight  unless you were Belgian, but fuck Belgium all they seem to produce is chocolate and kiddy fiddlers..

Norris the only member of the JOB Squad to make it in to the event tonight went out first round.
Here is a lifelong journeyman who had one good Lakeshite against other jobbers and journeymen and got a swelled head...ok an even bigger swelled head and actually thought he was a top player and could make it as a top player in the PDC.

Roll on another weekend of PDC Darts