Friday, May 29, 2015

Totally deserving for his performance tonight against Taylor, it was like the ando of old bending over to be fucked in the ass by Taylor.
The only difference being instead of grinning like a spaz, he has now adopted an attitude of that like a diva.
Sulking moaning and more headshaking than Barney, and whilst I am glad to see him get angry at losing, he seems to be blaming others or incidents for his darts.

Always a very popular player, and no one was more happy than I to see him win the World title, he has since turned into a moaning git and there are many across forums and social media  who feel the same.

Wade should have beat him yesterday, and  to see Ando lose to Taylor whilst having a strop was irritating.
At least it was just another glorified exbo, and hopefully he can kick this primmadonna bullshit and get back on form for the Matchplay