Friday, May 22, 2015

Only fitting the stupid cunt would continue his abysmal bullshit for the playoff, seeing as the previous 14 weeks he was absolutely retarded.
Good to see Ando make a reference to Mardle to shut him up after Ando won the PL.
The so called intelligent Mardle slated Ando for wanting to play MVG, and Ando made the stupid cunt eat his words.

This year the PL was brilliant, but Mardle and his cohorts of Rod and squintry eyed Dave Clarke made is unbearable at times.
Even last week when Bunting eventually hit double 2 , his 4th attempt at a double in a leg Mardle called it "sublime" and went on to claim Bunting did brilliantly and deserves another shot.
He finished bottom and choke more times than glen durrant, other players in the past like Jelle Klassen did better and they never got a second chance so why should Bunting.

On the plus side all these masters events coming up will be on ITV so we wont have to look or listen to the 3 stooges of Mardle Harrinton and Clarke, as 15 weeks of them cunts is more than anyone should ever have to bear..

Mardle is a full 100% grade A cunt to boot, a whiny prick, who used gamesmanship as a player to try win games, well known for his tantrums and an insecure cunt, who once joined a forum only to be tore to shreads and left in a sulk after he had his feelings hurt, A mediocre player at best, his career high was a single victory over Taylor in the worlds, but the big headed prick thought he had the title in the bag till he lost next round to Kirk Shepherd..
He never even won a Major in darts, and now we have to put up with that cunt every thursday giving his "professional opinion" which is no more that PDC rhetoric and party line bullshit.

He always tries to promote some imaginary needle between players that does not exist, and then ignores the real needle between the players that does exist.
Always was a cunt, and always will be,