Thursday, May 21, 2015


1, As a top BDO player, its obvious your ambition is to win Lakeshite, and is joining the PDC dependent on you winning that,?
If you do win it would you defend the title before switching or do what bunting did and use it as a springboard to launch a PDC career or will you stay in the BDO should you fail to win Lakeshite ?

Decision wont be made until after the Worlds. I have signed a contract with The Sportsman Ltd but there is flexibility in the decision I take for next year. Darts has always been a hobby for me and a very expensive one at that - Its only the past couple of years that I have earned more money that I have spent. I have a great job and never had aspirations to move over to the PDC - How can I compete with these guys when I am working 40 hours pw. I have zero intention of giving up my day job.
2. What was the greatest win of your career besides winning Knob of the Week and if there was another contender that week would you have choked ?

Winning the Northern Open has been my greatest win, in front of my Irish side of the family. Really enjoy playing over there. In fact the work I am doing with a guy from Northern Ireland is the reason I am attempting to get over the 'Choker' tag - Its all in the head.
3. If you ever win Lakeshite will you do what Scott mitchell did and parade the trophy at the home of your favorite football team, what ever team it is this week ?

 It would be a dream come true. I am a massive Middlesbrough fan ..... and Manchester United supporter
4. You are one of the few players that use forums and enjoys the banter and craic...yes craic not crack.
Do you think Dart forums are a good thing or bad thing in general for the game ?

I did enjoy the Dart Forums UNTIL 'Chokergate' 'Melted Plastic Bag Facegate', no joking aside, I read them on my lunch and enjoy the banter if  I am really honest
5. Is the minibus you bought a yellow one ?

Read and White in homage to the Mighty Boro .... and Man Utd
6, Rumors say Steve Douglas is done with the PDC and there is now a vacancy in the JOB Squad, do you believe you are made for this role or can you do what Bunting is doing ?

I have watched the progress of players that have beaten me up on the board i.e Norris/Kong/Wilson this season and the realisation of how tough it would be if I did join the PDC. So do I stay on the current side and be a Top 5 player and win some Opens that I am currently doing with an opportunity of the 100k in January or test myself against the best week in week out - Working full time against these guys. Like I said no sabbatical at work until my mortgage is paid.
7, The PDC are like Nazis when it comes to social media and twitter trying to stifle players from being open and honest, do you think you will have to watch what you say on social media and would you be happy with that ?
 I would be happy coming off Facebook and Twitter if I made the switch
You would not be missed
8. What players do you mostly associate with on the tour ?
Jim Williams, Jamie Hughes and James Hurrell all 3 are future of darts in this country
Yeah, and all their names begins with the letter J, so does Jobber.
9. Does traveling to the shitholes of eastern europe remind you of Middlesboro ?
 You are a twat !! - Though the chalets at Brean do remind me of my 1 bedroomed house I own.
10. What is your opinion on the so called bigger trebles on pdc board, the enormous bull and trebles on the new blade 4 ?
I guess I will be banging in 9 darters most weeks then if I switch.
Dream on
11. A couple of workshy pygmies once built you a website that they laughingly said was worth 10k, and they would not even give you the password to the site made for you., did that put you off websites, as it seems as BDO#1 you dont now have a come ?
 Rout is a good man. the website was exactly what I was looking for. I am happy to pay someone to build a new webpage as being the face of the BDO I think I have a responsibility. I have a fella looking after my facebook and Twitter pages so I guess the website is next - You offering ?
My Dogs could make a website better than those piles of shit the aireys made, however I might be able to be persuaded to make you one, time will tell.
12. Was your Lakeshite defeat to Spinesless in the semi final the toughest and hardest defeat of your career?
Even I was shouting for you that day, although I was telling people my local tesco had more checkouts than you.
Heartbraking if truth to be known and the 'Choker' was at his best that day. I just struggled at that final dart each time. My mid is stronger in 2015 and as stated working with someone on very simple techniques. A 5ft 8 tosspot from the shit stained forum also advised me to hate my opponent - I am striving to succeed and prepared to listen to all advice
Nice of Rout to give you advice
13. After Lakeshite what in your opinion in order of importance to you are the most important comps in the BDO.?

 Lakeshite and World Masters are the priority. World Trophy venue was fantastic this year. All Cat A Opens are on my agenda. Love playing for England and playing in World Cup will be another great experience

Begorrah iz dat roight ?

14. Do you think Munters darts should not only be banned from tv and streams for life but the BDO should adopt the PDC approach and make it unisex and if you are good enough you play with the men.?

 I think the Top 8 of the Women offer the audience something very special. Lisa Ashton is good enough to be in Top 32. Massive fan of Anna and Deta. Fallon is going to better them all over the next few years and then you add Trina/Zoe/De Graaf/Winstanley then you have an excellent competition in my opinion.
Keep telling yourself that, you might actually convince yourself

15. did you ever share a chalet with Trina Gulliver ?

 I have asked many times but she tells me to go and melt my face

16. Do you think you can some day count me as a fan of yours ?

 You are the biggest arsehole on the forums but you intrigue me and would like one day to meet up for a guinness and a punch up .
 I have the almost classic profile, while you are an ugly cunt, but a few slaps might fix that crooked nose of yours, and then you could pay for my drink bitch.

17. When Dennis Harbour beat you TWICE was it because you played bad or was Dennis having an off day TWICE ?

Struggled with his pace and a few missed doubles. Gutted to lose the Scottish and IOM to Dennis and both compeitions that i would love to have me name on. Hes a top bloke actually enjoy his company
Thats nice.

18. Who was your favorite player growing up, and who was the best Lakeshite champion pre split, and post split.?

 I was a massive Jocky fan in the early days and remember the 1989 final with Bristow. Greatest Pre is Phil Taylor and post Ted Hankey.
Great player is Hankey, top ten in the PDC easily...oh wait...

19, Does that Cunt MVG annoy the fuck out of you as well ?

He is awesome - Love everything about him
20. Lots of players have threatened to slap me, knock me out etc, why is it you can take the banter and others are insecure pricks who more than likely would do a Sharon Adams and hide in the toilets if the ever met me.Are you used to abuse ?

I can give and take (I await the responses to this) but Social Media is a big part of my life and have been involved in the forums since Fairclough. I am not up your arse like M H is BUT I would like to meet up because I like blokes that are smaller than me and who I can slap around - Plus I like dogs.

Can I just conclude and say you are the biggest tosser on the forums but Thank You for asking me to answer these questions. Hope the all of you on here enjoy the read and I look forward to more Melted Plastic Bag jibes in the future.

There are than enough dogs playing munters darts so that should keep you happy.
Thanks Glen for the answers even if you did toe the BDO party line in some of them
I have faith in you Glen I can see you winning lots more things in the future, although most of them will be Knob of the Week awards..

Thanks for being a good sport, and the autograph you wanted of me in return has already been sent.