Friday, May 15, 2015

Another  night of jobbing in the PDC for the fat lying cunt.He would make more on the dole. Not a single win tonight, and was made all the better that Willie O Connor beat him as well.

The rest of the Job Squad fared a little better, Desperate Dan lookalike did qualify for one Euro Event but was hammered in the first set of qualifiers.

Jammy bastard...sorry I mean Jammy Dodger also qualified for one Euro event, but expecting him 2 was just simply ridiculous.

Steve  Douglas did fuckall as usual on the board, he was probably preoccupied with starting trouble instead.

Steve Scumbag West, was not only battered as usual, but beaten by the same player in both rounds, the mighty Nathan Aspinall, and he lost to Colin Lloyd so that tells you how bad they must be..

Barry Hearn must be pissing himself laughing at these useless cunts who not only pay in more than they take out, but will also be funding the DRA.

Roll on tomorrow when they cough up some more dosh to pay for the privilege of being battered.
These cunts thought because they were winning games in the piss poor BDO they were top players, expect Dennis Harbour to start thinking he can crack the