Friday, May 8, 2015

This weeks award goes to the crooked toothed poisonous dwarf cunt Steve Douglas.
While in the process last saturday of throwing away a 5-1  lead in legs against that thundercunt Kim Huybrechts, he started slagging Huybrechts and shoulder barging him as the match continued.
He eventually lost the game and the bitter scumbag along with other scumbags of Kong, Wilson, Norris and Winstanley of the sx BDO JOB Squad decided to continue their scum behavior later that night in a nearby casino.

How the Job squad could afford to go on their pathetic earnings is still a mystery.
Douglas then started more trouble in the casino, and then hid behind the rabble he attended with  grinning like a simpleton. while the group berated huybrects.

The DRA and PDC officials were present  in the casino and witnessed this and what happened in the event earlier in the day.
Kimmy at one point told Douglas "I hope you have another heart attack, you fat cunt".

On the plus side I expect the Job Squad will probably have to sign on the dole soon, providing they have already signed off when joining the PDC as the fines headed their way will probably and hopefully be more than the cunts have earned in their PDC "career".