Friday, May 1, 2015

Anyone can lose a game, but when you lose 7 of the last 8 legs and try to blame your opponent for your own mistakes then you are deserving of a Knob award.
And they were his mistakes, they were his missed doubles and his bad counting also included..
We all on forums have slated ando in the past for his general acceptance to defeat, his smiling and grinning as he loses, and whilst glad to see he actually cares about losing he went about thing the wrong way.

His whole attitude since winning the worlds has not been great, I have witnessed state in 2 separate interviews how tough the PDC is and he would gladly settle for runner up every time, and to me that is an appalling attitude for the current World Champion to adopt.Taylor or MVG would never settle for second, even Fatpot Adrian Lewis would not publicly state that and he is a lazy fucker.
Speaking of Lewis he was only pipped for this weeks award thanks to Ando acting the prick, Lewis at least showed for once this year that he seemed to actually care but that did not last long, as he quickly went back to lazy cunt mode and went out 2nd round today to Keegan Brown who himself was shit on last weekends development tour.