Friday, April 10, 2015

Phil Taylor, justs scrapes it ahead of James Wade this week., , while both had a terrible night, at least in Wade's defense he put in a challenge against Adrian Lewis and came across a Dave Chisnall in exceptional form.
Wade did appear to give up but still averaged more than Taylor who put in an atrocious performance by his standards, and what compounds his KotW is the very fact he then misses all these PDC Floor championships this weekend.
The practice board is always great but will never make you as good as playing competitive darts, and these floor championships are what Taylor should be entering to get his form back.
Like Wade, a sulky cunt and bad loser, which in itself is not a bad thing most times, as bad losers makes  for great winners, but this weekend was the ideal opportunity for both players to work on their form.

You only have to look at the recent improvement in Barney, and he is again competing in these floor championships., and playing in proper games will  for the top players only bring out the best.

Dekker, Wilson and Norris had stinkers today, all losing in the first round, surprisingly the obese liar Kong managed to pick up a couple of wins.


In other news last Sunday morning (5th April) saw the passing of Paul Airey , one of the founders of the Darts Forum, and was partly responsible in the creation of the other forum The Darts
He was loved and hated in equal measure for some of his opinions on all matters of things , but unlike most sheep on forums they were his own opinions  and he firmly stood by them, and rightly or wrongly you got to respect a guy for that.
My condolences to his family at this tragic time, as it is always extremely sad to see a lad pass so young in life., and will be fondly remembered by a lot of people.

R.I.P. Paul

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