Friday, April 3, 2015

Hopefully last night was the last time we ever see this whiny crooked mouthed cunt ever in the Premier League.
I was delighted to see him go out, and while many might say he performed well, he should have never been in it in the first place with far better players, and more worthy players left out.

His performance last night was typical of why he went out, Bunting who was struggling on the Oche, maybe his 4 ton of food he scoffed like a pig had not settled in his fat gut, and he played poorly early and allowed Huybrechts get an early good lead, before Huybrechrs blew it yet again.

He also finished the PL with the lowest points haul ever.

I suspect other players like King, Thornton, Smith, VvdV must have all been secretly pleased to see him go out, as they in my opinion were all more worthy candidates,Lets face it, the miserable fucker was only in the PL cos the PDC have an event in Belgium this year, so was done to please those stupid Belgians.

Then again the Belgians probably wont care, the rudest people of any country I have ever been, then Belgium is only famous for chocolate and kiddy fiddling.
The only reason most people go though Belgium is to get to Holland or France.

James Wade made a tweet about how certain players made comments that Wade has some sort of advantage due to his medication, and whilst never mentioning the 2 players it would not surprise me if Tintin was one of them, remember this is the wannabe diva who cried when someone wore a shirt that might clash with his, and demanded the cameraman dont focus on his girlfriend dana when he loses a leg.

Good riddance Grinch, lets hope he suffers a slump in confidence as a going away present.