Friday, March 27, 2015

This week is goes to Melted Plastic Bag Face, for his hissy fit over Scott Groper Mitchell being awarded the England captaincy in the mickey mouse BDO shit Internationals.

But all is not lost for England, no sooner does one Uber Jobber leave "the Family" set up , when another superstar of darts and household name  takes his place.
His replacement is none other than Lewes Venes, the accomplished county player who lies  86th in the BDO rankings.
News that will send shivers down the spine ( those that actually have one) of his opponents.

At least the wonky eyed fucker Durrant has at least for once won a title, even if he needed me to give it to him, as if it was a battle the ugly fucker would have choked again..

I am sure he will be delighted with his win and will come out of his forum retirement, which came after his last hissyfit.

His special sunshine bus will be rocking tonite.