Friday, March 20, 2015

Now here is a deluded moron  to beat other deluded morons, ladies and gentlemen I give you Steve Eggerton, one of the assclowns behind the BDO Fanatics group who are trying to get their members to pitch in and sponsor a darts event.

In 2 weeks these deluded souls have collected...wait for it 125 quid. I actually feel ashamed for them,When you consider that the group that call themselves fanatics and has a membership of well over 3000 , that is roughly donations of around 4 pence per member.
Thats not counting the fees that will have to be paid out, and what they will be left with is pittance.

In todays world of darts that type of money would not cover Kong's drink and drugs tab, or pay for  Glen Durrant to have a consultant visit with a plastic surgeon, or cover the costs of bleaching Sue Williams rotten yellow teeth.

They might have a better chance putting up a pic of Steve Eggerton in a charity poster, have you seen the fuckin state of him ?
He is like the poster child for Malnutrition UK, I am sure they would make money that way....something like this