Friday, April 17, 2015

Only fitting this weeks Knob of the Week goes to a moron who was only thinking with his knob.

Here is a guy who in the last 2 years made a million quid in the Order of Merit, and this does not include Premier League. money, GSoD money or whatever he made is sponsorship deals, exbos etc....and look at the fucking state of the munter chav he tried to knock off, and the hilarious thing is as bad and as common as the bradistan munter was she still turned him down.

His apology he released through a solicitor was hilarious, claiming he never had any physical contact with her....only because she turned him down.
Can picture the lard arsed oompa loompa trying to explain that to his wife.If his wife stays with him it will be only so she can fleece him for more money, and lets face it, sleeping with that ugly bastard she deserves every single penny..

MVG did say that his dream was to take over from that cunt Phil Taylor, he like taylor is a cheater, world #1 and also annoys the fuck out of me.
Lets hope he does not buy a campervan for his next trip to Scotland, rumors are bunting is no longer leaving his dad in carparks so he might get a good deal on Buntings campervan if he is selling it.

To cap it off , the bukkake sponge lost his Premier League match to Barney, which hopefully is a drop in form, that will continue for months.