Friday, February 27, 2015

This week Sue, spineless, Ted Hankey and the fans and everyone connected to the BDO gets it.

The World CatasTrophy has been an complete fucking disaster, then we all knew it would be.
From day one it was in the shit, a comp specifically created for TV struggled for weeks to find coverage, until Eurosport 2 took pity on them and took this shit off their hands for free.

The stage looks like it was furnished with black bin bags courtesy of Martin Phillips, the blue lighting like something from a murder scene, the crowd or lack of, an embarrassment.
The excuses from gimps came out as expected, how its hard to get fans on a Thursday night, although 10,000 turned up to a PDC event  on the same Thursday.

The walk ons were a cross between the funniest and saddest things I witnessed in darts since Ted Hankey's "stroke" , Martin Atkins "sore arm" and Tony Fleet's "nervousness".

Checkout the pic of  Bo Selecta on her walk on, no one around for the munter and the one official that had to be there was ashamed to death he was photographed.

Then there was the standard of darts, utterly shit standard, one game was one last night with a 72 average, a 63 average won a game tonight , then the opponent only had a 57 average.

Jamie Hughes ran amok today 6-0 with an 80 average such is the crap standard..

Still at least we saw Tony the Bottler O'Shea choke yet again with his mid 70 average in another mauling,
Trina the Bull Dyke sent packing also throwing shit
Ted Hankey act the total prick , and give it large when he actually managed to hit a whole 100, but the PDC youth player was not buying into his shit, nor was Bo Selecta who was running at the stage acting like the fat scumbag cunt she is.

The icing on the cake was the defeat of the Spineless one, and the fact he had to wait til almost 1am must have made it even more hurtful to the prick, also good to see the fans had little love for the coward cunt as in the pic below

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