Friday, March 6, 2015

Since the World Championship we have seen Ando revert back to grinning spaz mode.
Last night he showed his old style "happy to lose" smile against Dave Chisnall who battered him 7-2.
This is the guy who said recently that if he was offered second place in comps he would take it, what sort of attitude is that to have, any wonder Bully Boy has such a shit attitude and choking mentality as well.
But he managed to even surpass that tonight, 8 - 4 up to Mervyn king in the first to 9 legs and manages to not only lose the game but miss around 14 match darts.

As usual another week where I have been spoiled for choice., lets not forget Kong the lying scouse scumbag cunt. Kong has buddies who make more money on the dole than he is making in the PDC,
Today he got the snot pasted out of him today by Stuart Kellet, , who looked more like Stuart Little next to the fat cunt.

Darren Webster, another poisonous little dwarf with small man syndrome arguing with the caller after he took his darts out of the board, caller should have kicked him up the hole and tell him to fuck off.

Adrian Fatpot Lewis after his lazy display last night and his shambolic performance today, glad the fucker is out.

And last but not by any means least, that hunchbacked baldy oompa loompa bukkake sponge that is MVG, who is turning into a whiny crying bitch, his complaints over Peter Wright showed how pathetic he is.
Tonight he is making out the sore arm, getting his excuses ready from when he flops this weekend or losses to Taylor next thursday. Odd how the arm does not affect him when he scores high or fist pumps.

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