Friday, February 20, 2015

This weeks award goes to Adrian Battersby, the idiot responsible for charging for the shit darts this weekend.
For years I have listened and read the comment of BDO gimps complain how the PDC are bastards for charging money for their darts, or how they spoil darts with their ad breaks.

The mickey mouse 6 nations cup is on tonight and this weekend, and viewers are expected to pay for this clusterfuck of jobbers, and the format in most cases are one leg matches , whats the betting those slating the PDC will have no issue with this.

Who in their right mind  would cough up money to watch Dennis Harbour and the jobbers in one leg matches,
This guy streaming this crap lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Also special mentions for the following :

Robbie Green who lost again today in the last 256, ....his PDC earnings so far less than half the cost of his entry fees. Stupid fat thick cunt,typical scouse victim mentality.....and a proven liar who makes accusations on twitter .

Norris, Wilson and Dekker, all again failing to even get close to the last 32.

Barney the headshaker, showing his frail mental state in blowing a lead against wright in the PL.