Friday, September 12, 2014

Is there a more cranky and bitter cunt ever in darts ?
Here is a little cunt with a napoleon complex who moans about players playing in the PDC, another of these cunts that if anything should be thankful for the PDC or he would never got as far as he did without the split.

He is now moaning about code loyalty, not soon after he himself showed zero when it came to county darts. and nswitched teams, where was his loyalty ?
He now wants Madars Razma out of the Lakeshite comp.What the poisonous ignorant little orange cunt fails to realize is that no rules are broken.

The SDC that Madars played in not the PDC although can get you access to PDC world champs, Madars is not a PDC player, in fact he is not a BDO player either since first off he aint British, so why would any British Org have a say in an event outside of Britain.

This is if anything a situation if one exists for the WDF not the BDO,, but since the WDF have no issue with it and they are the World governing body, then why should a british based org get involved in something outside Britian.

There is no fair playing field in darts, sometimes Europeans might have an advantage depending on the comp and where its being played, most other times Brit players have a clear advantage, but in this case it s simply another reason for the wart infested cunt to have a whinge.

I bet he does not complain about the hypocrite cunt like Fitton, or whinge about Kong, O Shea etc who are quick enough to play PDC when the PDC invite them to the GSoD, where is Warty moaning then ?
He prefers to try take it out on those outside the "clique " and "family".

Another hypocrite scumbag

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