Friday, September 19, 2014

For all the good the Uncle Barry and the PDC do they really have dropped the ball with qualifiers for these Euro tours.
The tours themselves are successful but the home nation qualifiers are not working and only serve to dilute the Eoro tours.
We had 6 Germans qualify yet again and they are all Uber-jobbers. Max Hopp has potential , but does not mean he will fill it, the others are either over the hill or simply shit.

Its time the home qualifers be reduced from 6 to 3 or better still merge them and the Euro jobber ones together and make up the shortfall from the superior quality UK section.

We know they are trying to promote the game in Germany and Gibraltar , the crowds are generally good but the Germans and others, simply are not gonna have a top player in the next 5 years at least.

Likewise in Ireland we have 2 Irish jobbers getting in to the Grand Prix ahead of other more deserving players simply for being Irish, comps should have players there on merit, not nationality, although allowances can be made for players from other countries in a World Championship and even then there is some merit.

Time to scrap this qualifying criteria for the Euro events, merge the home and euros, limit the number of places for useless cunts, and since the final rule and decision lies with Uncle Barry he then is responsible for some of the crap we witnessed today in the tour from German donkeys who should be nowhere near the stage.