Friday, September 26, 2014

It takes a cunt of epic proportions to come across as ridiculous and stupid as this clown. Here is a moron who once stated in the darts documentary "the power of darts" that the PDC is only about catering to the top select players and the use of walk on girls.
The very next comp on that side of the divide from Cyprus had walk on girls and the comp was for only "select players", astounding hypocrisy.This inbred idiot also bemoaned the PDC as being only about alcohol, and sure enough the following  events like the Scottish Open where rampaging hordes of scum attacked bouncers and the bar had to close for fear of drunken thugs causing even more injury, then there was the Welsh Open where one chalet was taking in more money on cocaine that the comp was paying out..

But the real beauty came this week, after the imbecile claimed the PDC was about fancy dress, the BDO website now is not only selling the most pathetic tat imaginable, it cannot even do that properly.
At least the PDC never sold the shit that the bdo are trying to flog now.
Putting aside, the fighting, thieving , drugs and crimes going on in the BDO they claim to be a family yet try to sell shit like this
Orgasm Donor
Wet T Shirt
Bunny Costume

Could you imagine Julie Gore or Irina Armstrong in one of those, holy christ,piss flaps dangling over the edges, folds of fat stretching the material to breaking point, the outfit wider than it is taller. it would be as sickening and disgusting of that pic of sue the gash that is doing the rounds.

Well done Yellowteeth, you never fail to give us something to laugh about.