Friday, September 5, 2014

Another dinosaur living in the past, with a blinkered selective memory of not only the past but the present.I like bobby in general, but some of his comments this week in the article on ESPN came across as bitter and deluded.

Article can be found here:  The Bling Dinosaur.

Bobby was never a true great, contrary to what he would have you believe, outside of the News of the World he only ever made a single final  in a world championship before the split, were it not for the split he would have not only never made another world final ,he more than likely would not be rammed down our throats every new year at Lakeshite with his genetic throwback gimmick. A chav's wet dream with his tacky gold, his nonsensical reports, and limited and predictable vocabulary.
He is a character, but one from a different era, that was not as great as he would have you believe.

Always amazes me that those involved in darts with the most hatred and bitterness towards the split, the PDC etc are those that gained the most, look at the likes of spineless who has been throwing darts since the early eighties, and won NOTHING, before the split, thats right, Zero, fuckall in over a decade, could not even qualify for the worlds, let alone win one.
Bobby George would not have made the world final in 94 without the split, his 80 average in possibly the worst World final ever was awful.
Bobby was a decentplayer who was in the right place at the right time nd made the most of the situation, for him to now try to claim players today average more or not as good is nothing but bitterness, sour grapes and bobby rewriting the past in his own mind.
Comes across as a cunt.

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