Friday, August 1, 2014

Here is a group heralded by the BDO Gimps that would bring a new start.
On their website  a website that is updated as much as the shit BDO one, it claims

"We are committed to our plan to bring the BDO back to the level of recognition that we feel it deserves."

That might explain why we have heard fuckall since the end of February/ start of March this year
Maybe this is the recognition they feel it deserves.
Nothing ever changes, one shit group replacing another shit group with the same old results.
The one and only calamity they were involved in was appalling and not fit for tv, so maybe we should be thanking them.

Thank god for the PDC, the ever excellent PDC will come to the BDO jobbers aid again this year and help a few of the  misfortunate jobbers of the piss soaked BDO earn a few pound, in fact a couple might make more of a single PDC event this year than what they could on  the BDO tour for the first 9 months of this year.

Mark my words as soon as the dust settles on the upcoming Grand slam of Darts, the BDO will be back spewing more false promises and new dawns, we might even get told news of the Super Series,, the BDO's answer to the PDC Premier League..(snigger).