Friday, August 8, 2014

After another week has passed where we heard fuckall out of the BDO, or from BDO events , things were bound to be made public after this weeks BDO AGM...or so you would think.
Again absolutely nothing,seems the meeting was another fiasco, which does not come as a surprise, from reports across forums and info gleaned from private bdo favebook groups it appears no questions were allowed to be asked at the AGM, no financial accounts were checked and if anything of note was discussed it is not available.

I am glad we don't get more BDO shit comps on TV, the last couple were  utterly pathetic in every department, but you expect some news being available.

The rumour mongers are busy saying the BDO will be making a huge announcement this monday, wonder what it will be ?

2 hours of tv for the Winmau Masters
The Zuiderduin first prize has been improved so it nearly matches that of the pdc challenge tour
The Launch of the Super Series.....for the 11th time
Martin Adams rejoining the board to do fuckall again
Sharon Adams is back with Wolfie
Ted Hankey got an invite into the Masters
Co Stompe is gonna do the full BDO Tour
Romania have added a new Transylvanian open to the calender
The raffle at Lakeshite will now include free organic vegetables.

Someone seriously should do a documentary on the BDO, their history, the morons who run and past genetic defects like Olly Croft, Spineless and others, it could be shown as a horror movie to business students, could also show it on history channel although probably more suited to the comedy channel.
The BDO board the greatest clusterfuck of idiots in the game