Friday, August 15, 2014

No real surprise this week, still no word on this huge announcement, then again I guess its better to hear nothing that more bullshit and nlies, surprised the " super series2 announcement was not dragged up again.
As for the rumour that the BDO might drop certain barriers, well hard to believe, it would be like turkeys voting for christmas.Why would grade a jobbers like Spineless, Wart , bottler O Shea and Mitchell want PDC players able to play the BDO tour and win things, it would only serve to show up how shit things are in the BDO.

Maybe the fact the BDO and Sue Williams  (who is possible the worst chairperson in the history of darts, even Spineless had the decency to stand down after stabbing his so called friend Olly Croft in the back for the job) are saying nothing and offer nothing might be a good thing.

Their product is not good enough for TV, their standard shit, presentation appalling, prizemoney pittance, and even has former diehards now realizing there is no defense for this shit.
There will always be players however that will bitch , cry and moan but never leave , threaten to join the PDC but never do, and retarded enough to keep buying into the bullshit,

Meanwhile on the other side of the divide the PDC continue to show live darts, today the world series, which amazingly upsets some people on forums, the idea that darts players are travelling the world, playing in superb venues, live on tv for good money seems almost like a crime to some gimps who take the success of the PDC as personal