Friday, July 25, 2014

Spoiled for choice this week.  bdo bringing in a youth comp, James Wade blowing a 4-0 lead on shitlock, and the usual Ronnie Baxter choking, but the ultimate King of Choking and Bottling in the PDC has to go to Headshaker.
 I have always said most people in darts are thick as pigshit, common and stupid, Rod Harrington, Wayne Mardle and especially Sky certainly believe that to be true, why else would they hype this fat sweaty bottling dutch cunt week after week as if he is some superstar, have they not realized people are sick listening to bullshit about him.
Barney who was #16 in the world prior to this event claimed there is not 15 better players in the world ahead of him, he is right, there are even more than that, there are players outside the top sixteen who will soon overtake him and players I would back to beat barney on a regular basis, guys like bunting for example.

We all know the cunt is done, he knows it too, and even if he slips to world 116 he will still get PL wildcards, invites to the likes of the aussie and world Series events, and the spastics at Sky will keep convincing the ignorant people that Barney is back, how he is a world class player etc

Wait til he misses even more euro events and floor championships and his ranking drops even further, and we will then see the hysterics, it will be like Las Vegas all over again,

The World Series , a mickey mouse invitation coming up right after the Matchplay, where players wont really be giving a fuck, Barney might have a good game and all the " Barney is back" shit will start all over again and the retards will lap it up again.

His performance and attitude this week were awful as usual, faster he retires and fucks off the better.