Friday, July 18, 2014

The England Masters was a fucking shanbles, and as the man in charge TT has to burden the responsibility.
There was I  for months complaining how the other side of the game never have enough tournaments on tv, after the recent bdo and now edo ones I say thank fuck.

That horseshit that was served up is doing more damage to darts than good. The fiasco where the youth event became an even bigger joke when the finalist was overage, was only realised when the fucker was seen pissed at the bar.
The standard was woeful, the production team was like something of it was beyond bad.The room looked like it had only one light bulb as it was so dark, although on the plus side that was a bonus when it came to the munters darts.
Speaking of the munters game, the English national champion is an actual Russian

One one forum I read the comment ( after Tommy Thompson came out on stage to present the thing that was called a trophy )
                         "Peter Stringfellow has really left himself go"

Ptetty apt too, I mean no man aged 86 should have a ponytail, and as for the blazers, they went out of fashion in the real world in the 70s and bdo in the early 21 century.