Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another week , and another fiasco on that side of the divide.
Seem now the spineless sack of shit is now plotting a coup of the EDO, as he is unhappy with how its run.
He had no problems with how it was run for years when the policy was "if your face fits" and his face always seemed to fit.
Remember this is the same EDO that tried to soften the blow for the spineless cunt when he was dropped and the EDO issued a statement saying he was not available,  but in typical spineless  form he has his buddies refuse TT entry in to see Lisa Ashton at lakeshite after her victory.An amazing coincidence this is happening now, no doubt the Adams fans will claim its all about  how Tommy Thompson is stuck in the past, and he is headstrong and ignorant etc, and if that is indeed true then maybe it is time for TT to go, but replacing him with spineless is hardly a step forward, but a step backwards.
Next we will be told there is no vendetta going on.

Here is a cunt that boycotted EDO events in the past, and him a former england player.
He is a proven failure., his tenure as head of the BDO was an unmitigated disaster, this after he stabbed his so called friend Olly Croft in the back for the job.

A failure in darts pre split, a failure in marraige, a failure as a role model in front of kids, and a failure as head of the BDO, now hiding behind a petty vendetta to oust TT which if he succeeds will be another disaster.

The man is a clueless moron, a career in rapid decline , bitter after his wife left him for a man with a backbone, now using tactics to make himself feel important. The sad lonely beaten man is clueless in business, and if he succeeds I can foresee even more fiascos in the future