Friday, March 14, 2014

I have been reading some dart forums in the last few days, and another forum which laughingly refers to itself as a darts forum and read that tommy Thompson is suffering from dementia.

Now if this is true, then I find it disgusting that a persons medical disability is used to berate someone.
People should be judged on their actions or lack of them in certain cases and to go down the route to belittle someone for an illness in a low blow.Does Tommy need to stand down ?
Possibly , but replacing him with Adams is only going backwards, and as bad as some think TT might be he is a far better leader than spineless could ever be.

It seems Tommy Thompson  hurt some feelings when he used a couple of swear words towards Wayne williams i am led to believe, and now the SDA & WDO have sent a letter moaning about it, which the case will be heard soon.

Yet 3 months ago that spineless sack of shit Adams threatened to knock out an EDO & BDO official and nothing was done about it. Nor has anything been done about James Wilson and his behavior.

For those unaware James Wilson was involved in a fight at last years 6 nations with another player Barry Copeland, at Spa he had a fight with Robbie Green, and at this years 6 nations claimed England threw the game against Scotland in order to stop Ireland qualifying.
When approached by Tony O Shea as to what reason he had to say this Wilson claimed Irish player Garrett Skelo Grey told him.O Shea then approached Garrett as to the claims which he denied making, stating all he said was  that Ireland should never had been in a position to depend on England..
Garrett then decided to take the matter up with Wilson since Wilson had been lying and nearly shit himself when confronted, Wilson apologized claiming he "thought" Garrett said it. and that he now knew it was not him..
Wilson seems like a mouthy cunt, liar and scumbag.

Also on the subject of the 6 nations, it seems Winmau actually paid Eurosport 5k to show the 6 nations, how fucking sad is that.
Winmau also dictated that certain patches be worn and the SDA flung patches at Tommy thompson and demanded they be worn, in which TT declined and an argument ensued in which Wayne Williams got involved and was then told to fuck off., hence the complaints.
Ross Montgomery then decided to get involved and claimed TT was out of order for not wearing the patches and his use of language. and how all the other counties were willing to wear the patches.

it seemed all the counties knew of these patches except the EDO, so which begs the question why were the EDO not informed ?
As for Wayne Williams, he turned up at a Yorkshire versus Glamorgan match and whined like a bitch to Jean haywood, the general secetary about TT crossing a line.

It seems like every week its one fiasco after another , too many chiefs and not enough indians.
The knives are out for TT, but those who want him gone better be careful for what they wish for, cos if they think that spineless cunt who threatens to knock out officials and was a flop as head of the BDO, a flop in marriage, and a flop before the split in darts is the man to lead the charge they are in for a rude awakening.