Friday, February 28, 2014

After a dismal showing last week in which he was battered by Wes Newton he needed to get his act together this week, and again he was rubbish.

There is no doubt on form Lewis is possibly the most naturally gifted player in world darts, and I can accept he never does well in the PL and may view it as I do as a glorified exbo, but he owes it to the fans to at least put some sort of effort in.
For a double World Champion his performances in the PDC outside of the Worlds have been awful.Yes he has reached a few finals and other than a second tier major of the European championships he should be doing a whole lot better.

It was another pitiful performance last night capped off with his whining at the end when he appeared to be upset with Peter Wright playing to the crowd.
If Lewis dont like it he knows what he can do, get his fat arse in gear and do his talking on the board.

Lets not forget Lewis is being a  hypocrite complaining about Wright showboating, when Lewis himself was more than guilty of doing the same himself on many an occasion in the past, remember the blind 180s he did playing to the crowd.

Has a big game now next week  when he plays MVG, and needs to get his act together