Friday, February 21, 2014

Week after week of this fat dancing prick on stage was bad enough, but i thought on comms he might not be that bad, how wrong I was.
He is even worse, last thursday was possibly the worst ever.
He got every prediction wrong, and some of his "professional opinions2 were laughable.
He tried to remind us how ando was a power scorer and thornton would struggle to keep up.
When was the last time Ando the grinning bottler put in a power scoring display?
Give me a battler like Thornton over a bottler anyday.

He of course predicted Taylor to win, which obviously was wrong, and then tried to claim on stage in front of wright it was as much as taylors fault wright won,  the fat dancing spaz managed to get every prediction wrong and look a total clown in the process.
He even made Rod Harrington seem ultra knowledgeable and interesting, all this while the muppet Dave Clarke stood there like a mutant imbecile grinning like an ando clone.
The night of darts was great but think its time for the mute button in future

Well done on winning Knob of the Week, you can put this alongside all the other Titles you won in darts......oh wait, thats right, you won fuckall as a player.