Friday, January 3, 2014

Its not often Uncle Barry gets it wrong, but wrong he did this week with the omission of James Wade from the Premier League.
Yes the PDC can do what they like, its their exbo ( its not a major) and a wildcard means just that, but to cite he was not picked because they cared for his mental health is total bullshit.
The pissed up brain dead mongs who spend their time singing the same couple of lines over and over might have the right mentality and low levels of intelligence to buy the horseshit Hearn is peddling.

When did this care for thier players happen ?
Dont recall the Hankey MVG game being stopped when Ted had his so called stroke, yes the same people who had no problem with Whitlock hobbling around on a broken ankle.
If Wades mental health was so important then why not let him concede the game he asked to concede against Phil Taylor, surely if Wade was having issues then how come they made him continue.

The PDC dont give a shit, and the excuse was manufactured by suits who have no place making medical decisions.
Had Wade won the World Title, do you seriously think Wade would be omitted from the PL ?
Would they care about his health then ?

Wade was omitted simply for telling it as it is. He has mentioned how favoritism exists for certain players and how other players go around thinking they are something when they never won  amajor event in their life.
Wade has hit out at the pissheads in the crowd, how certain players get all the hype, while others are ignored, and this upset the suits and Wade is being made an example of, and people are being fobbed off with this pathetic excuse.

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