Friday, December 13, 2013

The BDO / WDF side of the game is already full to capacity of idiotic mutant dinosaurs stuck in the past with a grudge going back to the days of the split over 20 years ago.
I always thought Tommy Thompson was an exception to the rule, a guy that despite being surrounded by morons managed to preserve his dignity and appear as possibly the most forward thinking of the mutants. Alas it was not so, as his appointment of Paul James to the board showed yet again why this side of the divide is in such a bad state of affairs.
Paul James  is a guy who has a history of retarded statements, and nothing more than the personal slave of Deta Hedman, there are eunuchs out there with more masculinity than him and spends his time promoting munter darts and berating the PDC.
This is the guy that made himself the laughing stock of the darting community with his comments about BDO funerals are better than PDC funerals, using the death of Phil Nixon to score points in a bickering debate, his recent comment stated he wanted the PDC Challenge tour to fail cos the PDC did not care enough about womens darts was as childish as it was stupid.
This is the muppet Tommy Thompson appointed as head of PR.
You could not make this up, seriously, dementia must have truly kicked in for Tommy Thompson.
Will be interesting to see what future retarded statements houseboy will come up with next, as a leopard does not change its spots.
In the past Paul James has berated Tommy Cox for his comments on social media due to his position, wonder if it will sink for houseboy the same now applies to him.
Well done TT, almost all your credibility gone in one move.