Friday, December 20, 2013

Had a couple of other contenders but something told me to hold off awarding this weeks award until the darts was over tonight, and was well worth it.
After all his talk and hype and "bring it on" bullshit he failed to do so himself.
I never expected him to win it this year but suspected it would take someone like Lewis MVG or another to dispose of him, but now he is gone the remaining players will get a boost, the viewers now have a more open comp and a world championships that will be even better.

Of course losing a match don't make you a knob, it was the manner in which he played, and without taking away too much from Smith, Taylor totally under performed, then fucked off like a shot, no hanging around to sign the board for Smith, then did not want to give an interview.

You think the grubby little parasite was the first player to lose, I bet he is sat in his hotel room waiting for Uncle Barry to ring him so he can make claims of retirement so Barry can fuel his ego to tell him don't quit.
He then will release his list of excuses and how he nearly quit and how at 53 he is getting old, throw in a few awful boxing remarks and smile at the camera with that spasticated look where you want to reach in and rip of his tattooed arm and beat him to death with it.