Friday, November 29, 2013

This witch could easily pass for the illegitimate  bastard of Olly Croft and his worm food wife Lorna.
2 decades after the stubborn and bitter Olly made his claims that he did not owe the players a living while forgetting he made a living himself of the same players, he pops up on tv during the week to repeat his claim.
He is followed then by the now head of the BDO.
She really showed the world how she too is another PDC hating mutant, without an ounce of business acumen, and has no place running any business.
Her knowledge was limited, her comments both cringeworthy and ridiculous.
She showed her utter ignorance when speaking how she believed the players for PDC were "selected", and her bitter snide remark about the PDC is only for the beer shows her short memory, how often have we seen her fat obese friends skulling pints in the bar at lakeshite in full view of the camera.
She made a dig at walk on girls in the PDC, this 2 days before she had walk on girls in the joke of a comp in cyprus.
She came across as a bitter horrible cunt, and she was not alone in looking a spaz.
Deta Hedman whined like a bitch and showed her insecurity crying about how the PDC want only good looking girls. Its darts, good looking women are rarer than leprechaun turds.
Spineless another that showed what a total utter cunt he is, he claimed he never signed a contract that would restrict him, guess its true, his never let his marriage contract stop him screwing a team mate's wife, and this is they guy that claims to have principles.

As for the Cyprus fiasco, the yellow toothed witch probably got a free holiday out of this, along with the selected members of the bdo old boys club, possibly all paid for by the rank and file of the ordinary members.
The standard was shit, the crowd non existent, in fact kitchen staff outnumbered the guests, and at the end when all 8 players went to receive their trophies there was more people on the stage than anywhere else in the venue.
Other than the witch and her cronies fleecing the funds to have a jolly in the sun, what purpose did this shambles serve ?