Friday, November 22, 2013

Here is a guy hyped to the eyeballs by morons who think he is a top player.
An average player who took advantage of a woeful bdo to win a tin pot north sea cup, in much the same way another fellow bdo over rated mid card jobber did for years.

To read comments from people across forums hailing this carpenter as one of the best in the world  was as hilarious as it was sad.
In the GSoD he had the weak half of the draw, a half that avoided Taylor, Lewis, MVG, Wade, Anderson etc.

His first game he won with an 87 average over another over rated player and former Lakeshite winner. His next game he beat a youth player who suffered from what appeared to be stage fright.
Last up was abysmal chisnall who is still suffering from a recent hammering from Taylor, and has been shit since.

So now after winning a group with a youth player, a players with no confidence and a washed up ex stroke victim , he would surely face stiffer opposition, but again he gets a fortunate draw and draws the crying welsh prick webster, a player even in worse crisis of confidence than abysmal chisnall.

Next round he meets the washed up Ted again, another handy draw in a depleted bottom half, he managed to reach a semi final without meeting one in form player, the most fortunate draw anyone has got in the history of the GSoD, he even had a day of before his semi final to relax.

Meets the first half decent player in the semi final, and sure enough the first time he is put under the first slight bit of pressure he folds, and not only loses but well beaten, and this while throwing an average of 96, a whole ten points more than he threw at lakeshite, and that won him the mickey mouse cup at a canter.

Getting his ass handed to him that sunday was a double disappointment as he also missed the Emmerdale omnibus, and led to dozens of pro bdo morons logging out of forums as their so called "top class" player was shown to be yet another over rated mid card jobber who thrives on being a big fish in a stagnant bdo pond.
Will he switch ? Unlikely as there are shelves needing put up in yourkshire, and nails to hammer.

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