Friday, November 8, 2013

His attitude was a disgrace in his match against Taylor. He is my favorite player and while he obviously does suffer from bi polar I am firmly convinced what he had was a child like strop.
I knew Taylor would beat him as did most people, Wade himself knew he might lose but thats no excuse for that performance, and wanting to quit only compounds it.

If it were I and I was genuinely sick I would not take no for an answer, and no cunt would stop me, and think Wade is the same, his whining was because he was in a humor. or sulking.
The saddest thing is we all know he is capable of so much better if he was not such an unmotivated guy at times. His victory over the fat arsed squeaky voiced bottler from the largest penal colony on earth was Wade at his best, and for to collapse like he did 24 hours later was a sickener.

This was the guy on course to be a world champion, especially in the years 2005 -2009 where his finishing and scoring were exceptional and made him the brightest prospect in the game.
His scoring overall in recent years has been awful with the odd exception, his finishing is still as good though.Doubles are his forte, hence why he has been so successful in the double event the Grand Prix.
On form he is highly impressive and has a pretty decent record against MVG and Lewis.I expect him to lose to Taylor, but to slate him for that when everyone loses to taylor is just ridiculous, but it was the manner of his defeat that earned him this weeks winner.of the KotW.