Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another week and another nomination for the useless cunts at the BDO.

So much for the announcement in October.
Wonder if any of them know what century we are living in let alone month.
I can see these so called events that have been built up by bdo boys across fotums being another Super Series calamity.

Even the most diehard bdo gimps who defended this shambles of an organisation have come to accept how bad things are.
There will always be some of course who will defend them, and the usual players stupid enough to believe lies., bullshit and fals promises.

Next up is the  major from holland, thats right, a so called major shown on regional tv, in between the news and snow reports.
Then Lakeshite with its miserable few days....lap it up cos after that it could be 10 whole months before the jobbers are seen on tv again