Friday, February 12, 2016

Reading reports on forums of how Warren Brown has been urging disabled players to apply for grants so they can invest in his his "schemes".
Seemingly he was suppose to have gone to Scotland to whip up some financial backing in his bid for tv deal he has been spouting.
His supposed "announcement " never happened, and more details of other schemes he has been involved now public knowledge.

Now you can ask why he is doing all this, but I want to why he is being allowed to do all this , and for that the blame lies with the BDO board.

After a week where the BDO was booted in the balls and fucked of BBC in favor for the PDC, you think the BDO board would be on damage limitation at least.

Blinkered, biased and stupid mushroom BDO fans have been crying all over social media on facebook twitter and forums how Tuesday  was a "bad day for darts", but it was not, it was a bad day for the BDO only, and if anything it was not only good news for the PDC and their fans it was a great day for the BBC viewer as BBC have an obligation to show the best "sport" to its viewers and dumping the shitty BDO for the better PDC is what the viewers deserve.

I have zero sympathy for the BDO, in over 20 years since the split, they have done nothing, made no progress, and if anything in a worse position now than they were in 1994, backwards they have gone.
In any other job Sue Williams and the entire board would be out on their ear.

Its now possible BT who had half of Lakeshite, might decide they wont want the lot of it, be it costs or whatever.
The other proposed events in manchester and so on are looking highly unlikely, and if honest hope it all collapses
Fuck the BDO board, fuck the stupid retarded gullible players like Wonky eye Durrant, Fat mitchell and the rest of those simpletons who bought the lies yet again, fuck the BDO fans who bought the same horseshit.
Faster the BDO dies the better, their product, their actions, their offerings etc are detrimental to the game as a whole., and dont get me started on the Munters game, if I ever see that near a tv screen again it will be too soon.
Seriously have you seen the fucking state of these things calling themselves ladies, pot bellied tattooed, beer swigging council house Northerners, all they are short is the rollie fag on their lip, a dog on a rope and the obligatory half caste kid in order to get a council flat.

Tommy Thompson of the BDO himself stated if the BDO spent more time worrying about their own business instead of jeopardizing the work of the EDO then maybe they would not be in the state they are, but then again thats unlikely as Sue and the gang would still fuck things up.

Who knows, maybe this could be one of the last times Sue wins the award, as I cannot see her being around in the future to collect many more, and truthfully she wont be missed.

On the issue of Warren Brown , in Scotland seems he was told not to show his face as they players were unhappy and for his own safety.
Then that's the BDO fan mentality, scumbag attitude and aggro to solve things, cos giving someone a slap solves everything in their tiny little minds. That is how they deal with news they do not like.