Friday, February 19, 2016

Here is a council estate chav, typical of the small minded, ignorant and common mindset prevalent in the masses of bdo mushrooms sadly inheriting this planet.

In a month where his bdo organisation are the laughing stock of darts this simpleton highlights everything I said about the levels of stupidity common among the bdo rank and file.
Here is a guy, one of many that is so stupid he bought the lies and bullshit of Sue the Gash and her board for yet another year.
How does he come to terms with being treated like the plebian scum he is ? by going on a forum and acting a twat.
The bdo #1 is reduced to name calling, boasting how much he earned, how he owns his own house in middlesboro which is akin to owning a wheelie bin where I live.
You think the disfigured choking bottler would be venting his anger, bitterness, fristration and self loathing at those who played him and others for the fool he is.

I do not have sympathy for fools, and they dont come more foolish than him.
You will not see the PDC #1 going on forums acting the twat boasting about income, and name calling, because they have more professionalism, class and decorum, as well as a system in place to stop this type of behavior on social media.

Had Phil Taylor for example been doing what Melted Plastic Bag Face is the mushrooms would be wanking themselves blind, and therein lies the issue.

Sue the Gash still runs the bdo, no fear of her resigning, why should she, when the players and counties aint got the grapefruits to step up and make things right, they would rather focus their anger at others.

As for the bdo, the deadline for the accounts to be released is nearing and will be facing a fine if not on time, I suspect it is being kept as long as possible to save the ridicule that is inevitably coming.

The bdo with tv comps dropping like flies and the chance of their players getting any tv exposure lessens their already pathetically low value, which brings me to the Grand Slam of Darts.
Here is a comp that used familiar faces of the BBC to improve the GSoD and create cross code interest.
With bdo players less likely to be household names, and of course simply lacking in quality , it must be time for Uncle Barry to say no more, the current crop of jobbers, chokers, pub players and old men not only add nothing to the comp, they are having an adverse impact on it.
They are the whipping boys, its not like one can even get to the quarter finals.
No more, the PDC do not owe them a living, but that wont stop Melted Plastic Bag Face turning up cap in hand begging for the PDC coin much like spineless did last year after he sold out his so called principles.

Already the Fish finger fuck Up fiasco is finished, and that will be the first of many, I suspect the World CatasTrophy will also go tits up, and as for the Masters, the bullshit of them being in the Copperbox arena is another false promise., but no doubt many players will buy that lie too.

I predict a lot more crying and excuse making in the coming months from the mushrooms, and hope the bdo continue to keep fucking things up.The faster this shower of dinosaurs are confined to the history bin the better.
The bdo are more concerned with trying to cause damage to the EDO, than worrying about their own sorry state of affairs.

So heres to the next few months of live comedy brought to you by the bdo, ,Sue the Gash and Warren Brown.

I have left a couple of typos in this weeks post again as I know certain people who claim to never read this can complain about the spelling mistakes on a blog they never read.