Friday, January 9, 2015

This weeks KotW has been written by a member of  The Internets Greatest Darts Forum. after members were given the opportunity to add their input to this blog. So here it is

Commentators come and go. Dave Lanning decided to retire before he was pushed from Sky coverage. John Gwynne now pops up occasionally on Eurosport after leaving the Sky coverage before he was pushed. And, of course, Sid Waddell is no longer with us.
 Unfortunately, there remains one constant which goes by the name of Tony Green.Known for his gaffes in the past such as calling the Welsh player Martin Phillips the "captain of Scotland" throughout an entire tournament, he gets worse year on year and you could write a entire book of Colemanballs with some of his efforts and antics this week, which so far include:

- Not knowing the score between the Anderson/Taylor PDC final played the previous night, claiming he was "going to look for it"
- His very clear bias towards any player of English extraction (especially the "Old Guard"), he was no doubt sat there willing a 16 year old Dutch kid to get thrashed on Thursday afternoon.
- His worn out, tired cliches which are constantly peddled out, claiming every match is the best he has ever seen, constantly claiming the crowd give best of order etc.
- Gaffe after gaffe after gaffe. Too numerous to mention but a recent example was a player who started a throw on 207, hit two single numbers to which Tony said "well there is no finish on now". No shit!

The likes of Lanning and Gwynne knew when their time was up. Tony, do the honorable thing and fuck off, mate. You are making the coverage worse than it needs to be!
Of course, Lakeside week and the tail end of the PDC event means no shortage of candidates, and so the following could also be considered:

- Trina Gulliver. Talked up to the hilt by Ted Hankey before her QF match, she then proceeds to lose all six legs in a 2-0 in sets defeat to the very impressive Lisa Ashton, averaging under 60 in the process. Egg on face for the Count!
- Scott Waites. Now finally accepting he is a baldie, he may as well have stayed at home this week. OK he won his first round match but then he bent over and got raped 4-0 by Monty in the second round. The first man ever to lose to Monty in the second round and by that scoreline, an utter embarrassment and a pale shadow of the player he once was.
- Tommy Cox. His taunting tweet against Monty never winning matches at Lakeside seems to have spectacularly backfired on him (see above). He did end up bowing down to Harris though in the QF round.
- All of the ladies in the event (except Lisa Ashton). An absolute load of shite especially from Anneke Kuijten, who has set a new bar in recent times in terms of averages, losing her first round match with an average of 48.63! Lisa Ashton is exempt from this as she has been very impressive, better than the men.If all ladies could play like that, they might have a marketable product.
- The BBC. Coverage still stuck in the stone age, with BT Sport putting them to shame.