Friday, January 2, 2015

In a week where a lot of players under performed, most notably the likes of James Wade , only a  cunt like Whitlock could upstage all the other contenders.

Here is a prick that walked out on his wife and kids, for a girl half his age and then acts like a child and sends the ex girlfriend a pic of himself with what looks like a prostitute with the message of wishing her a bad new year.

The cunt is so classless he could be a Marxist Utopia.
Lets hope his shit performance recently and now this negative publicity will be the ammo needed to kick this fat arsed squeaky voiced scumbag from the world's largest penal colony out of the upcoming Premier League.

As for the likes of Lewis and Wade, Lewis fucked up, and he knows it, as for Wade his performance was shit, then no player goes up there to throw shit, if you did you would be in the BDO.

Wades comments have got him some heat on social media but I fail to see what was the problem.
He is hardly the first player ever to think he is better than another.
It could be argued he is correct, he has won more bigger and more prestigious titles than Bunting, has earned more money than him, been a more successful player up to this point and is more recognizable world wide.