Friday, December 19, 2014

The one thing you can be assured of in Darts is that there will always be someone who will make a Knob of themselves, this week it is Paul Hinks.

Any ref can make a mistake, regardless of code but what made Hinks a bigger spaz was he was being informed by Wes Newton and he still chose to ignore it.
It seemed to me that Reyes who I believe has little English was being informed via his friend stageside, but this is where the dullard Newton should have stepped up.
Wes Newton, the black hole of entertainment , who has as much charm as a bucket of piss on a hot summer evening did not do enough either, this from a guy who has played in countless world championships, and for him to have a whine after his deserved defeat only makes him look more pathetic,
Reyes was in control of the leg that was later abandoned, and Newton had a reprieve and still managed to fuck it up, then deleted his twitter account after spending last night crying,
He went out simply cos he was not good enough.

In a warped adverse way, this has been almost a good thing for the PDC, the publicity it has garnered has been big and you could argue their is no such thing as bad publicity in this sense.

Even the retarded low IQ BDO gimps who claim to never watch the PDC circus are posting like mad on forums and twitter, bringing more attention to an event they claim to despise, the irony is lost on them.