Friday, December 12, 2014

Another pathetic week in the piss stained BDO.
The Zuiderduin Masters was as bad as we expected, when jobber Gary Robson is getting to a final you know how bad things are, although I enjoyed his win against Spineless.
BDO no mark gimp fans were wetting themselves over a 100 average in a best of 9, and sure enough when the longer format matches came about spineless lost with an average in the 80s, to Robson, this is a guy who lost 13 straight legs to Hughes, another jobber who recently in Northern Ireland averaged in the 60s...yes the 60s.
Then we had Wesley Harms slapping Ted Hankey, Fitton the hobo, slapping jobber Ronson, one big happy family.

The Romanian Open prize fund was then released, and the shit women.s game prize money made for hysterical reading.

20 quid to enter, and if you can reach 5th place you get your entry fee back, seriously you could not make this up.
The winner of the munters title gets a whole 200 quid, and thats euros, surely travel and  accomadation would cost more that.
The mens prize fund is as bad, 1,500 euros for the winner, would ya even bother ?.

There is some good news apparently, it seems BT are on board with showing lakeshite, this is being heralded as great news, strange that the BDO board and fans who for years slated the PDC for selling to sky and not being on terrestriall tv are now claiming the BDO made a good move to BT, the hypocrisy is astounding.
Also seems the final, will not be live on BBC either, we will see how the viewing figure pan out now.

In fact the PDC now show more darts on terrestrial tv than the BDO do.
Next stop Lakeshite, followed by announcements of announcements to bullshit the players who might think of switching or going to Q-school.
Expect the "super series" to be brought up again so people like Kong will buy into it and stay and then complain when fuckall happens.