Friday, May 23, 2014

I have criticized Sue Williams in the past for her failure to get Darts on TV, in retrospect I think I was wrong, I should have been thanking her.
What transpired last week in terms of tv coverage was atrocious on so many levels.
That side of the divide is doing more damage to the game with what it presented last weekend on eurosport.

The initial impression from the get go was that it was dark, cheap, out of date and terribly produced.
The crowd looked awful in every sense, women drinking pints holding babies, grannies flashing their legs, pissed up chav scum screaming and shouting.
Morons that were dressed up annoying the walk on girls who looked like air hostesses from some shit airline, remember Sue Williams tried to deride the PDC for fans dressing up and walk on girls.

The fans ill behaved, although I did chuckle when one chav scumbag screamed and wolf whistled in to Spineless's ear which seemed to really upset him and I though he was gonna cry.
The audio was a joke,sound drowned out with the over dubbed studio commentary added, the spotter had no clue what was going on and the camera views were awful, especially on the 19 bed.

As for the selection of players for the invitation, that left a lot to be desired, funny how players like Green and De Vos were selected, the same players who were vocal about possibly moving to the PDC, were they invited, as a form of thank you for not switching or some hidden promises?
Where was the Lakeshite runner up Norris, who only a fortnight earlier won the Denmark open as well? no place for him as a woman dart player would be so much better, everyone knows how the fat pot bellied munters are what attracts the viewers.

As for the standard, some players averaged in the this is not a typo...60s.
An 80 average got Martin Phillips to the semi final.The number of legs that took over 22 darts was beyond belief, no doubt some fans will call them classics like the 27 dart leg Spineless broke with in a match.
One match had a leg that had to be restarted as they had no clue what was going on, no markers either, a complete shambles.
The final on sunday was won with an 84 average.

4 days later on tv in HiDef in front of thousands in attendance, with proper lighting, quality audio and pictures, excellent camera work, angles and a spotter who had a clue what was going on, 2 PDC youth players were playing their world youth championship final and the final was won with a higher average and better performance than anything produced in the shit welsh Open final.

The difference between the 2 sides of the divide in the space of 4 days was never so evident, never again should we complain about the lack of darts from that side of the divide, on that showing it would be better for the game as a whole if it never made tv again.

Also special mentions this week to other contenders who were in the running
Phil Taylor for his Tony O Shea impression against Barney
Wayne Mardle and Dave Clarke for their utter stupidity and trying to make people believe that Taylor and Barney is the "biggest game in darts"
These cunts are becoming the PDC version of Vassos Alexander and Tony Green