Friday, May 30, 2014

Bottlejob Extraordinaire, The PDC's answer to Tony O Shea.
5-2 up against the Dave Dismal, he goes and loses 8 of the next 11 legs....what a fucking knob.

His PL performances were pathetic also and deservedly got relegated.
Only shows how many Knobs are floating around in darts that this fat arsed squeaky voiced . gomey looking , bottling cunt from the worlds largest penal colony is only winning this award for the first time.

On the plus side he slide down the rankings is in flow., currently in 4th place in the OoM  expect Peter Wright to soon over take him.
Wade in 6th place is in for a hit also but unlike Shitlock he is not defending quite as much, as Shitlock is also defending 50k for winning the 2012 Euro champs.. a semi spot in the Players championships finals and the way he is playing he aint a snowballs hope in hell of repeating those feats.

I can see not only Wright, but Chizzy  move above him before the autumn and come the start of 2015 after the worlds I expect a few more to be within distance or past him.
Players like Wade and Barney performing better and possible to move back up the table.