Friday, April 18, 2014

Simply for his lazy performances yet again this week.
This is what I wrote the last time he won KotW

There is no doubt on form Lewis is possibly the most naturally gifted player in world darts, and I can accept he never does well in the PL and may view it as I do as a glorified exbo, but he owes it to the fans to at least put some sort of effort in.
For a double World Champion his performances in the PDC outside of the Worlds have been awful.Yes he has reached a few finals and other than a second tier major of the European championships he should be doing a whole lot better.

He was 6-0 down before he got his fat arse into gear against Ando and looked totally disinterested against MVG, took  out a lovely 126 on the bull and showed zero interest, even went for the bull with 50 left when he had 3 darts and seemed to rush through the game to get it over with.

I still think he will be a threat in the Matchplay over the longer distance as he fares better and gets stronger the longer the games go on
Still the last time he won KotW he then went and won the UK Open, so hopefully he can go and win the Matchplay next.