Friday, December 21, 2012

How is this guy in a job ? A total fucktard   on his way to the levels of retardness as Tony Green. We all knew this moronic asshole was clueless on most things but he surpassed himself this week. The worst examples came during the Jani Haavista match when he was so surprised that someone other than the players he sees on tv could actually throw a dart. His comments like where did this guy come from summed up his ignorance........I am sure he thinks the PDC just went outside and stopped people on the street and handed him a set of darts and ordered him on the stage, is he so fuckin thick that he does not even know the the Scandinavian tour.
As for his comments "this is the best he ever played" the fuck did he come to that ignorant assumption ?  a thoroughly deserving winner of Knob of the Week,

A pathetic display by the spineless one in what was the worst comp I have ever witnessed, and on that side of the divide I have seen some shit ones.
His performance against de Vos was truly abysmal , and he was not much better against Bunting,.
The spineless cunt was an average player in his prime that took full advantage of a depleted BDO with its top heavy prizefund at Lakeshite to make a name for himself, a quarter century jobber that could not even qualify for lakeshite let alone win it prior to the split and even then the guy who won absolutely nothing in his career, zero fuckall, had to wait for Barney and others to fuck off before he could win anything.
In the end everyone of note fucked off.........including his wife.
Such is the rut the useless cunt is in even Tommy Thompson had to pretend he was unavailable for selection for England rather than have the balls to confirm the spineless cunt was dropped, and rightly so, since he more or less snubbed the EDO.

Leading 9-5 and loses.
Dart out of the board when left on 60.
Smiles like an idiot  after his defeat.

Started the week with him being selected to play for Merseyside, but things quickly went south, following yet another classic meltdown on facebook with his usual tirade of grammatically incorrect threats on people who dared question the IDO even though he has no official association with them anymore in his previous claims.
The following day he announced yet again his retirement from darts, along with handing over control of the IDO (again).
Since I am a former member of TSoD and therefore also qualify as a doctor like everyone else on there I am sure Lee has some sort of mental deficiency with tourettes syndrome.


Was only a matter of time before this vile fat sack of shit was awarded Knob of the Week, an interfering racist cunt who did his best to cause friction and disrupt the competition in Jersey, as a prominent member of the bitter and twisted as well as useless IDPA its time this obese bastard was put out to grass. He was not alone in trying to create hassle and the gormless prick John Walton is as guilty, hope he is happy with the 12 points he got in Belgium, whilst those who traveled like James Wilson & Tony Martin all gained 30+ points.
The fat scouser Bunting even had a moan, and he won the event before back tracking on his comments