Friday, February 6, 2015

Here is a wench who claims to love darts, if she did she would resign and fuck off, and take the dopey useless octogenarian cunts on the board with her.
The most retarded bunch of imbeciles in the history of darts.

Darts is booming at the moment , thanks to the superior PDC , you would think the BDO would try piggyback of that success, instead they have gone even further backwards.
The World Darts CatasTrophy a prime example.A comp created solely for tv to supposedly showcase the talents of the BDO is not even on TV.
The prize half of what it was last year, even the morons who bought the bullshit of annoucements of announcements like Jobber Robbie Green even fucked off..
I believe The Dart Forum is the only place not offering free tickets to this castastrophy, such is the difficulty in selling them.
Would not wipe my hole with the tickets.

Speaking of Jobbers from the BDO who switched, Kong , Wilson, Dekker, and Norris all bombing out early today in the UK Open qualifiers, still I bet they are happier jobbing in the PDC.

Also a special mention for the fat childish Michael Smith who spat the dummy out after his raping by Max Hopp in the UK Open Qualifiers. He took to twitter saying Hopp who beat him 6-0 was no good at darts, what a wanker.