Friday, January 23, 2015

Here is a jobber, a scouse one at that who thinks he is a top player.
A uber jobber, who only got a Q-School card  on points by scraping through.against players not good enough for the top 64
In this big mouth chav mentality he starts mouthing off on twitter as if he beat half decent players, he tweeted
"Made up to get tour card,funny how all the haters have gone into hiding,shame really I wanted a giggle"

He then entered the Euro Tour qualifiers and lost on both days.

Thing is the obese fat cunt who can barely walk with gout cannot take a "giggle."
This is how he reacted

In typical scouse mode he plays the victim, abuses people and makes false accusations, threats and its all the fault of someone else.

I called him a gimp and he responds by saying I interfere with pets, and then falsely accuses me of sending his daughter  a signed message.He claims he is going to the police., and he better do,

The obese sack of shit  with tattoos that look like they were done by a spastic with a permanent ,marker should be thankful I did not report him to the DRA.

Has he gone to the police ? I do not know since he has blocked me on twitter,If he does not go to the police I and everyone else will know the fat jobber cunt is a liar and made up the accusation, if he does go to the police he will find out it was not me and I expect an apology.

The ball is now in his court, I am not gonna let this go,  and the DRA finding out will be the least of his worries., he wants to make accusations like that and threaten police, then I can play that game very well also.
Lets see if he is man enough to admit he lied, or go to the cops