Friday, November 28, 2014

Last Friday night Jamie Lewis was in the Players Championships Finals, all he needed was a couple of wins on the weekend to solidify his spot, as the only people with a realistic chance of putting him out were Richie Burnett and Christian Kist.
Richie Burnett no showed the weekend and Christian Kist needed as least a couple of victories each day to have a sniff, and hope Jamie Lewis would completely fuck up.

Sure enough that is what happened, on the Saturday, Jamie lost to Ryan Palmer 6-4 in the very first round, a woeful result for him, still he could chalk it down to a bad day and make up for it the next , and Sunday he again went out first round, this time losing 6-0 to Steve West...yes Steve West, that result alone was worthy of winning Knob of the Week in itself.

Meanwhile goldfish mouth Kist managed to scrape a couple of early round wins over players in some godawful matches, he eventually got to a last 16 round  where his 80 average was not gonna cut it.

So Lewis misses out, and Kist regardless of what happens now gets a minimum 4k for reaching the finals, 4k Lewis should have been banking.

Pity headshaker did not miss out as well.